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The scout and Kandersteg museum is located in the premises of the municipal civil defense building in Kandersteg. The Tourism Office of Kandersteg is located next to it. From the train station walk along the road towards the village and at the main road junction turn to the left. Within 200m you'll see the town hall (large square with flags) on the right-hand side.

Main Street
3718 Kandersteg
033 675 80 80

The opening hours are those of the Kandersteg tourism office where the museum key is available.
Phone number 033 675 80 80

Guided tours of the village of Kandersteg, of the scout museum and of the local museum are proposed once a week in Summer and in Winter.

Come and visit our exhibits on jamborees, world-moots, federal scout camps, and other large events in Kandersteg.

Picture: The three commissioners

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